64 modules covering three years of content. Ideal for secondary, post-secondary, adult education, and on-the-job training.

Teach chemistry, biology, and physics using food as the medium! Ideal for secondary and post-secondary institutions.

Master the art of baking with our newest curriculum made by teachers for teachers.

Fully narrated, interactive w/ video to pass the certification.  Guaranteed to improve your pass rate or your money back.  A smarter way to learn ServSafe

A Math Facts game for at-risk students, getting them off their fingers and answering 300 math problems a day in their heads.

Culinary Principles covers the fundamentals of the arts, with over 100 technical videos covering 16 units.  Designed for Freshman level cooking classes.

Looking for an up to date marketing book? The case studies and topics covered are updated constantly to include marketing platforms such as Snap Chat and Facebook.

FACS: Foods & Nutrition covers basic food preparation with an emphasis on the nutritional sciences. Combining the fun of daily cooking with importance of health education, FACS is used for grades 6-10.  Aligned to Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness standards.

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