Teach your students the principles of marketing with this modern, up-to-date curriculum including social media marketing


Teaching Modern Content using Modern Technology

This comprehensive course will take your students through the principles of marketing to developing a marketing plan. Each module will focus on a specific marketing topic, build vocabulary and familiarize your students with marketing strategies. This course provides projects, case studies, and instructional videos which will guide your students to a thorough understanding of the marketing process. Each module includes review questions, essential marketing vocabulary and games to reinforce learning, and the content will help prepare your students for DECA competitive events and entry into the business world. 

Up to Date Ever Changing Content

How do you market yourself using Snap Chat, Twitter, Periscope, LinkedIn, Facebook, Tumblr?  Books become out of date the moment they are printed but here you can find curriculum that teaches students using the tools that are most relevant today.

Up to Date Case Studies Brings Relevance to Topics

Each main topic includes a case study from national and international brands that your students will be familiar with. Students can develop a deeper understanding of the marketing world through case study content and discussions.

There are over 50 discussion prompts to encourage critical thinking and depth of knowledge. Write more information here.

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Case studies provide real world examples of marketing concepts and are similar to the FBLA and DECA role play or case study competitive events. Students are asked to read the case study and analyze the situation, critique the business, as well as evaluate the corporate strategy presented. Both case studies and discussion prompts require connections and extensions, high cognitive demands and complex reasoning. 

Topics Covered

  • Business and Economic functions

  • Marketing concept

  • Marketing mix

  • Functions of marketing

  • Advertising and Promotion

  • Social Media Marketing

  • eCommerce

  • Sales

Authored by PHD in Economics and Teachers
Current, engaging content written by published, university level PHD in Economics and marketing teachers with over 65 years combined experience in education. Comprehensive, in-depth business and marketing knowledge delivered in a way that engages the learner in a multi-modal fashion.   

Ideal for these programs

  • All business, marketing and entrepreneurship programs

  • AMA certified programs - American Marketing Association or AMA Collegiate Chapter

  • DECA, FBLA, SkillsUSA, FCCLA, Junior Achievement

  • Community colleges

  • Technical / vocational colleges

  • Universities



Chapters - 17
Pages of Content - 400
Videos & Animations - 40

Real World Projects - 15
Assessments - 100+
Case Studies - 17



Turn-Key Solution
All text professionally narrated
Multiple learning styles covered
Integrated tests
Student performance reports
Import and edit web content
Updates and support
Anytime / any device


IE 8.0+
Firefox 4.0+
Google Chrome
Mobile device browser

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