Courtney Oxley Turner and Stacey Purcell from Lockport Township High School talk about what they learned from integrating KP Compass into their classroom during their school’s digital technology transition. They talk about how they transitioned to a mastery based learning system using formative assessment scores to motivate their students to achieve.
— Lockport Township High School, IL
Students talk about their experience with the learning system and how much they like it compared to traditional methods of education.
— Northwest Career Academy, NV
I had a student who looked up how to create an orange fruit basket on her own time, went home, bought the tools necessary and made half a dozen for her parents. When she brought in a digital picture and asked how she did, I told her it was perfect. I could not be so proud of her. This is the most impressive product I’ve ever seen for culinary arts.
— Denise Baxter - Mountain View High School, Stafford, VA