Improve your pass rate by 90% on certifications using our unique gamified curriculum that is fully narrated and mobile.  We will improve your pass rate or your refund your purchase!



Prepare for Certifications

This courseware is designed to prepare students for the food service industry.  Used for all levels of employment, this prepares students on all aspects of handling and serving food. Designed to be used in most typical six week secondary or ten week post secondary courses.

Includes four 80 question end of course exams.

Instructors will have the ability to monitor the student's progress through the content and reset practice exams as needed.  Four practice exams are available to use in any combination.  Reports are generated on the ability for a student to pass a industry certification exams.

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Ideal for these programs

  • All culinary arts programs or food service courses
  • ProStart affiliated programs
  • ACF certified programs
  • (SRO) SkillsUSA, FCCLA, C-CAP
  • Preparation for NOCTI and ServeSafe exams
  • Job Corps centers aligned to TAR
  • Community colleges
  • Technical / vocational colleges
  • Universities
  • Any advanced-level culinary or food service program

Topics Covered

  • The Big 6 Pathogens
  • The Importance of Food Safety
  • Good Personal Hygiene
  • Time and Temperature Control
  • Preventing Cross-Contamination
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Safe Food Preparation
  • Receiving and Storing Food
  • Methods of Thawing, Cooking, Cooling and Reheating Food
  • Food Safety Regulations
  • Compliance with Government Regulations
  • Moving Forward in a Career
  • Added Professionalism
  • Improved Branding
  • And more

Usea Data to Show if a Student will Pass or Fail

Using KP's unique mastery analysis tool, you will have data to show a student's probability to pass the certification.  At a glance, see student's performance and pinpoint topics for remediation.  Certifications should only be taken when a student meets minimal standards.

"14 out of 15 passed in our group" - Wayne Miami-Dade

Easiest Way to Learn ServSafe

Students will review the content online using a simple log in which can be accessed 24/7 on any internet capable device which can include but not limited to computers, laptops, smart phones, and tablets.  Students can listen to the chapters like an audiobook.  Students will take practice tests which will provide feedback on materials that they need to revisit.  Mini certification exams will be provided in each chapter to assess their preparedness for each topic.

    Hear the Results from Teachers
    "KP is the perfect complement to classroom instruction for today's learner. Our students really appreciate how user friendly and accessible the content is, while our instructors love the ease of managing student progress. We believe KP is the perfect choice for enhancing student learning at the secondary and post-secondary level as students work to earn their Food Service Manager Certification."  Joe Kalfus – EVIT, Phoenix AZ

    "Using KP was a benefit to my students.  The program predicted which students would pass the ServSafe certification, having 14 out of 15 pass in our group.  I'm quite satisfied with the results." - Wayne Worthley Miami-Dade

    "The ServSafe certification program was being offered at fall 2017 quarter in Renton Technical College Culinary Apprentice program. 

    I wanted to present a program that would afford the best possible success rate for the students and KP did that.  The students were able to work at their own pace, found it very interactive and engaging and participated in practice quizzes to identify areas for further study.  They thoroughly enjoyed learning ServSafe through the KP program.

    Upon completion of the program, 90% of the students successfully passed the exam and are now ServSafe certified!" Diana Prine CEC Renton Technical College

    "The system has been a great addition to the Food Operation Class. The students have mentioned how user friendly it has been and enjoy the self-paced modules. I have to commend the customer service aspect is truly an added benefit."  Darwin Mann NAU

    "This year I started right off the bat with KP to get ready for the ServSafe test.  We went through two modules a week to keep them focused and on track.  I required them to earn at least 75% before they could move on.  I also required them to do the practice exams before they could take the module test.  When test time came I felt like my students were ready.  And they were.  This year 82% of my students passed the ServSafe test, up from 23% from the last time I proctored the ServSafe test.   I highly recommend KP to prepare for ServSafe and/or to teach safety and sanitation in your classroom."  Lori Terril – Clark County School District, Las Vegas NV

    KP is a proud partner of CAFE, an organization dedicated to advancing education in our industry.  They have a wonderful conference in June where you can meet other like minded educators around the country and learn new skills from experienced professionals.  Visit their website and be sure to mention KP when you sign up for an extra goodie.



    Chapters - 10
    Practice Exams - 16
    Assessments - 600+


    Turn-Key Solution
    All text professionally narrated
    Multiple learning styles covered
    Integrated tests
    Student performance reports
    Import and edit web content
    Updates and support
    Anytime / any device


    IE 8.0+
    Firefox 4.0+
    Google Chrome
    Mobile device browser

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