Culinary Principles covers the fundamentals of the arts, with over 100 technical videos covering 16 units.



Culinary Principles Online

KP Culinary Principles is an online curriculum that covers the most fundamental culinary skills in each area of the kitchen.  It includes the top requested lessons from the full KP Culinary Arts product.  Culinary principles a perfect option for institutions working with a tight budget, or limited instructional time, but want innovative technology and multimedia in their programs.  

Ideal for these programs

  • One year culinary arts programs or food service courses
  • SkillsUSA, FCCLA, C-CAP, and AAFCS Pre-PAC
  • Preparation for NOCTI and ServeSafe exams

Streamlined Lessons

Culinary Principles includes all of the content required to master the essential culinary skills in the following modules: 

  • Introduction to Culinary Careers
  • Kitchen Equipment and Safety Practices
  • Food Safety Essentials
  • Common Sanitation Duties
  • Calculations, Measurements, and Conversions
  • The Basics of Nutrition
  • The Fundamental Knife Skills
  • Preparing Cold Foods
  • The Fundamental Cooking Techniques
  • Preparing Eggs and Breakfast Dishes
  • Basic Meat Fabrication
  • The Essentials of Stocks and Soups
  • The Essentials of Sauces
  • The Essential Baking Principles
  • Fun With Desserts and Pastries
  • French Culinary Pronunciations


Days of instruction – 80+
Pages of content – 225+
Student projects – 21+
Videos and Animations –  100+
Assessments – 1,200+


Customizable Modules
Integrated tests
Student performance reports
Import and edit web content
Updates and support
Anytime / any device


IE 8.0+
Firefox 4.0+
Google Chrome
Mobile device browser

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