64 modules covering four academic years of content. Ideal for secondary, post-secondary, adult education, and on-the-job training.



Culinary Arts Online

KP Culinary Arts is an online course of study designed for any culinary arts or food service program at the high school and post-secondary level. CA contains over 1500 pages of content and 340 detailed instructional videos organized in 18 chapters. These chapters include: culinary career pathways, menu development, safety & sanitation, restaurant management, garde manger, stocks & sauces, pastry and many more! CA contains enough curriculum for three standard textbooks.

Culinary Arts (CA) is objective-driven and specifically designed to prepare students for the workforce by developing their skills and enhancing their techniques. There is more than 24 hours of video content in the lessons.

This powerful tool includes professional instruction on nearly every aspect of being a chef, from basic knife cuts to advanced meat fabrication. CA also contains over 2,500 questions, that are integrated with the 64 individual learning modules. Replace your textbooks and capture your students' attention.

Ideal for these programs

  • All culinary arts programs or food service courses
  • ProStart affiliated programs
  • ACF certified programs
  • Preparation for NOCTI and ServeSafe exams
  • Job Corps centers aligned to TAR

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Post Secondary Solutions

KP Culinary Arts is an excellent solution for post secondary institutions. Buy as a supplemental resource or as your primary instructional package, your students will access the content and videos online at home or school. Design and define what curriculum you want your students to access through KP Compass.

Boost enrollment FTSE with an affordable, media-rich resource!

By breaking the standard and outdated textbook model, KP can offer an engaging curriculum to your students. This program is affordable enough to use as a supplemental resource, with all the benefits of three-years worth of culinary textbooks! We want to give you the flexibility to build content for as many classes as you need but only charge the student one subscription cost. This means that if you use our content in six classes, and a student is enrolled in ANY number of these, he or she would pay only one fee to KP or to the bookstore. 

Ideal for these programs

  • Community colleges
  • Technical / vocational colleges
  • Universities
  • Any advanced-level culinary or food service program

"This was so much easier to set up and adopt than MyCulinaryLab." – Kathleen Hassett, Horry Georgetown Technical College


KP is a proud partner of CAFE, an organization dedicated to advancing education in our industry.  They have a wonderful conference in June where you can meet other like minded educators around the country and learn new skills from experienced professionals.  Visit their website and be sure to mention KP when you sign up for an extra goodie.



Years of instruction – 3 (215d)+
Pages of content – 1,500+
Student projects – 70+
Videos and Animations –  340+
Assessments – 2,500+


Customizable Modules
Integrated tests
Student performance reports
Import and edit web content
Updates and support
Anytime / any device


IE 8.0+
Firefox 4.0+
Google Chrome
Mobile device browser

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