Food Science Online

KP Food Science (FS) is an online curriculum designed for any high school or post-secondary food science course. FS contains over 20 focused learning modules to include: the basics of food chemistry, food science careers, human digestion, food processing and manufacturing, microbiology, the essential nutrients, food preservation and many more!

Food Science is a comprehnsive resource that is specifically designed to prepare students for both the workforce and for healthful living by fostering their understanding of the food industry while increasing their knowledge of the relationship between food and the human body. Food science is a great opportunity for the relevant and practical application of rigorous science standards.



Teach Science with Food

FS contains interactive animations that will engage your students. These visual and auditory tools help simplify scientific food processes such as: enzymatic reactions, digestion, the effects of heat on food, and even the best way to solve those tricky mathematical formulas. The colorful animations will appeal to your students' various learning styles, helping them to better retain the material.

Ideal for these programs

  • Any high school food science, food technology, or nutrition course
  • Any 100 level food science program (college, university, and AP)
  • As a supplemental resource for any chemistry, biology, or physics course
  • As a companion to KP Culinary Arts Online (CA)




Days of instruction – 96+
Pages of content – 800+
Student projects – 80+
Videos and Animations –  60+
Assessments – 5,500+


Customizable Modules
Integrated tests
Student performance reports
Import and edit web content
Updates and support
Anytime / any device


IE 8.0+
Firefox 4.0+
Google Chrome
Mobile device browser

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