KP uses a vast library of text, videos, audio, activities, lessons, and assessments to build a handpicked course according to the objectives of your syllabi.  At no cost to the institution, we replace the clunky overpriced textbooks your students use with our enhanced learning & mastery system.  We then hand you a turnkey solution complete with assessments and badges ready for your students to use right at the start of school.
It's as easy as 1-2-3.


Step 1: Give us your syllabi and let us do all the work

Any syllabi that you teach in culinary arts and restaurant management, give them to us and our staff of experts will review the course objectives and align our content in the exact order you present them.  We will then identify any gaps we might have and work on creative solutions.

Step 2: Review the course we crafted for you

We hand you the keys to the course and library so you can fine tune the materials to your liking.  You may add, delete or rearrange anything you find.  You can now add your own pages such as custom recipes or specific course materials unique to your school.

Step 3: Package and distribute to students and faculty

As the teacher your course is then packaged and made available for student to access.  You will see each student and their assessment data in your account and monitor their progress.  Using the latest HTLM5, students can use any device with little to no support issues.

Features & Benefits

KP is a perfect solution for Post-Secondary courses by combing rich engaging multimedia content with a student mastery system designed to increase engagement and retention of knowledge.  Using a state of the art assessment system, students go through hundreds of formative assessments in a gamified experience used to give targeted feedback on areas to study.  No other digital text has accomplished such a feat.  

  • Student mastery through remediation
  • Targeted tutoring system with AI
  • Gamified learning environment
  • Real time monitoring and tracking
  • Hundreds of pre-built assessments
  • No more textbooks to carry


In a traditional textbook you would buy the entire book no matter how much of it you use.  At KP we believe in disaggregated content where you only pay for what you use.  This no fluff approach streamlines the text to exactly what you need to meet your course objectives, no more, no less.

Depending on the course it ranges from $20 to $150 and is purchased in the bookstore or at the KP website.  We come in less than the cost of a textbook and is used to replace On Cooking/Baking, Professional Chef, Culinary Essentials, ServeSafe, Hospitality Restaurant Management, etc.


Testimonials & Users

"This was so much easier to set up and adopt than MyCulinaryLab." – Kathleen Hassett, Horry Georgetown Technical College
“I have observed my students advance through the content faster, retain it longer and have had much more meaningful discussions in class than ever before.  Better than every culinary product I’ve used with my students.” – Dr. Lisa Assante – Dept Chair University of West Florida
"Having the opportunity of working with KP education Systems has been a very enriching and innovative experience for our Culinary Arts program." - Guillermo Graglia, Director at USIL in Peru
"The system has been a great addition to the Food Operation Class. The students have mentioned how user friendly it has been and enjoy the self-paced modules. I have to commend the customer service aspect is truly an added benefit."  Darwin Mann Northern Arizona University

Examples of courses used in institutions

  • CUL 101-104 Basics, Hot Foods, Garde Manger, Baking & Pastry
  • HRM 3110 Quantity Foods Production
  • HRTM 310 Systems Approach to Food & Beverage Management  
  • HRTM 411 Restaurant Operations Management
  • RHIM3360 Culinary Approach to Food
  • RHIM3370 Restaurant Ops & Mgmt

Used by these fine institutions worldwide

  • Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola - USIL Lima Peru
  • Horry Georgetown Technical College ICI Myrtle Beach
  • University of West Florida
  • East Stroudsburg University 
  • Mountainland Applied Technical College 
  • Northern Arizona University 
  • Scottsdale Community College
  • Mott Community College
  • Southcentral Kentucky Community & Technical College
  • Southern Utah University 


Full Testimonial from USIL
"Having the opportunity of working with KP education Systems has been a very enriching and innovative experience for our Culinary Arts program.

Purposing our students a personalized platform with updated interactive culinary content with different ways of self-assessment is an extraordinary tool for their own learning experience and development.

In addition, besides culinary terms and skills, students experience the usage and application of the English language in their profession, so when they experience an international internship they are familiarized with the terminology, ingredients etc.

One of the strengths that I would like to mention is the flexibility and capability of the program to be adapted and personalized despite the country you are in. For example in our case that we teach Peruvian Cuisine we are working on developing the information for the Peruvian Cuisine course in order to have an international course offered through this platform combined with hands- on experience.

As a Culinary Arts program director KP highly contributes in giving support to instructors through the teaching materials and students self-assessment." – Guillermo Graglia, PhD, CHE, Decano de Facultad Administracion Hotelera, Turismo y Gastronomia, Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, Lima, Perú. (USIL)