Replace textbooks with an all-in-one, interactive, and personalized learning platform.


Get Online!

KP Compass lets you develop and manage hybrid / online courses with ease. Fully customizable modules make it a breeze to align the course content to your objectives. The assessments are auto-created based on the concepts that you decide to teach.

  • Create or customize courses to suit your needs
  • Edit lessons or assessments from any Internet-enabled device
  • Add your own content, weblinks, slides, and questions
  • Publish lessons to students using a simple course code
  • Monitor student progress with user-friendly analytics

Data-driven analysis = better outcomes

Reporting data will save time and make the instruction more efficient. Teachers can assign modules for self-study or enrichment and get immediate reporting on student growth and achievement. Using this all-in-one platform as opposed to textbooks and stand-alone resources reduces costs significantly.

  • Reducing or eliminating textbook costs will save money
  • Automatic test grading and reporting will save time
  • Analytics let you quickly determine progress and mastery
  • Students will be better prepared for in-class instruction
  • Valuable face time can be spent addressing areas of need



Your students will love it

An interactive multimedia experience - in the palm of their hands. 

Today's students are connected 24/7. Anytime / anywhere / any device access puts learning in the hands of your students. They can even review materials and take assessments from their tablets and smartphones. The content is interactive and digital, so it is both environmentally friendly and efficient.

KP Compass incorporates game-theory principles that engage students by encouraging them to learn on their own. As their knowledge grows, they achieve a higher mastery level in each competency. Students receive incentive through awards, achievements, and an individualized portfolio tailored to their areas of need. As an optional motivation feature, instructors can allow for student competition with their peers.